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This homemade, handmade, pour painted, glass beer mug has a maculine vibe for the beer drinkers that would stand out and be noticed. Game day will never be the same, as this mug can be customized to have your favorite team colors and will most definitely be a conversation topic. This mug makes for a great gift for beer drinkers at any special occasion such as a wedding reception or birthday party. 

The colors used on this piece are black, grey, white, and red. Each glass is unique and made to order providing you with a one of a kind glass or glass set of 2 or 4. Please be sure to choose the appropiate quantity. This glass can be sold as an individual, pair, or set of 6. For orders larger than 6, please contact us about shipping times and bulk discounts.

Beer Mug

SKU: A1000
  • Fluid capacity: 26.5 oz

            Glass size, height, diameter: 5.75"x 3

            Material: Glass

            Medium: Acrylic paint, resin(exterior only)

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