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Hello, my name is Nikkie and I am the lead designer here at Amienyi Flower. We design custom one of a kind glassware for everyday life and special occasions. Our glassware is guaranteed to be a topic of conversation due to their one-of-a-kind pour paint patterns. 


At Amienyi Flower, glassware is created in singles, pairs, set of 4 & 6. We can also design sets of 12 upon request.


Although each glass is different, pairs and groups of glassware ordered together will have a similar pour paint pattern. To maintain a similar pattern for your set, we design all glasses at the same time.


The pictures shown on this site serve as a close resemblance of your finished product. While the color scheme will remain the same the pour paint pattern will change slightly making each glass unique and one of a kind. 


For non-painted glassware, you will have a choice of wording and letters/designs color.

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